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A True Olympic Legacy for UK Business

I have written a few times on this blog about the impact (potential and actual) of the Olympics on business in the UK. Although I don’t normally write on a Friday I felt compelled to do so after yesterday’s news.

Having contemplated openly the effect that London 2012 had, I was utterly thrilled to see that the games have been a significant reason for taking us out of the long recession we’ve seen. GDP directly related to the games accounted for 0.5% of the 1% growth seen in the last quarter.

As I thought everything about the games was absolutely wonderful; the opening and closing ceremonies, the logistics at every venue which I was lucky enough to attend, the welcome smiles on the faces of the vounteers and the spectacular performance of Team GB, I really couldn’t have been more pleased to see the impact it has had on the economy too.

So let’s celebrate the London 2012 Olympics again. Another success under their belt!

Read all about it here:

BBC News

Daily Telegraph

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