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Are you making the most of free online tools for your business?

This afternoon I have sent out an email newsletter, largely to the fantastic business people I’ve met when networking locally as well as to many of the clients I’ve worked with since setting up 2J. I use Mailchimp to send out my newsletter, it’s free and full of functionality that lets you tailor your newsletters to meet your needs.

Since starting 2J (nearly two years ago now!) I have been amazed at the free tools I’ve been able to use online. They’ve included:
- Email that lets you use your own domain name (Gmail for example)
- Logo design tools
- Picture/photo archives

As well as very low cost:
- Web hosting and design services
- Social media management tools

The list is endless but I have learnt some lessons along the way; just because it says it’s free doesn’t mean it is, you can sometimes spend ages setting something up thinking it’s free only to be asked to pay right at the end. Sometimes it’s true that you get what you pay (or don’t pay) for so see what people are saying about different services on specialist forums before committing to a particular one.

So, if you proceed with caution you can get lots for free for your business online. What start up or small business could ask for more?

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I learnt a huge amount from Tina and would very much recommend her services.
Judith Taylor
HR Consultant and Trainer/Facilitator