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ASCCSS: A model for coaching evaluation

I recently ran a workshop at the East of England Local Government Association (EELGA), sharing the results of research I carried out last year, into the impact of coaching at North Hertfordshire District Council. I have an article going in to next month’s Coaching at Work magazine on the results of this, so will share […]

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Feeling inspired

In the last two weeks I have been fortunate enough to be able to take time out from the day to day activities of running my business and attend two really inspiring events. The first was on Wednesday evening and organised by the University of Hertfordshire Coaching and Mentoring Forum. They had the eminent coaching […]

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Some exciting news…I’m accredited!

Whilst updating my marketing materials earlier, I realised that I have forgotten to share some exciting news with you, my blog readers. At the end of last year I was delighted to receive confirmation that my application to be accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council was successful. What does that  mean you ask? […]

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New Year un-resolutions

Happy New Year to all my blog readers! It’s the time of year for planning to do new things but I’m going to suggest a different approach to marking the New Year, what I’m choosing to call the making of un-resolutions. We live in a world of time pressures, information overload and technological saturation, so […]

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Are your team saying the ‘right’ things?

Last week I called a client. After a short conversation with the person who answered the phone (I have trained her so asked how she was etc), I asked to speak to the person I had phoned for. ‘He’s not in today’ was the reply. I asked if he was in the next day…..’I’ve got […]

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I’m not a sales person….why do I need sales training?

With many years’ experience in sales, both doing the selling and managing sales teams of varying size, experience and calibre before moving into the field of Learning and Development, it’s no surprise that I am often asked to carry out sales training by my clients. What may be a surprise it that this is rarely […]

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Has someone moved your cheese?

Following last week’s post about coping with change, I was kindly lent ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ by Spencer Johnson. This book’s sub title is An Amazing Way To Deal With Change in Your Work and in Your Life. Like Fish! before, it’s a short book and easy to read, I got through it in less […]

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Managing change in business

In these tough economic times nearly every business is going through change of one kind or another; change in (or loss of) staff, change in culture (can things get any more pressurised!?) and change in management style (a reflection of their stress levels?). But is change good or bad? Or something in between? I believe […]

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How can you keep your knowledge and skills up to date and still be an effective worker?

A key challenge for many of the business people that I work with is maintaining their professional skills and knowledge; for some it’s imperative, without demonstrating that they have completed a set number of hours training each year they are at risk of losing their professional accreditation yet even they find it hard! So how […]

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A strong argument for coaching in the workplace

This week the BBC reported  on recent research findings that were published in the Lancet. These stated that having a highly demanding job, but little control over it, could be a deadly combination. This combination which has been defined ‘job strain’ has been shown to cause a 23% increase in the risk of a heart […]

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How effective is a team building exercise?

I’ve recently been involved in some team building exercises, both the running of and participation in, which got me thinking about the philosophy of team building. Many people are very cynical about team building exercises and activities but I would argue that they can be incredibly effective as long as the following have been taken […]

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What would I get out of coaching?

Business people often wonder what they would get out of using a coach and whether it’s money well spent. There are some standard answers to this, for example did you know that after 3 months people recall10% of information that they have been told (i.e. taught) whereas if they are told, shown and experience something […]

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Presenting with Confidence

Yesterday morning I was ‘Presenting with Confidence’ but not literally although I absolutely love presenting, which I suspect puts me in the weird category as far as most people are concerned. I was actually running a 2J training workshop entitled Presenting with Confidence, designed to help people overcome their presenting nerves. Presenting regularly shows up […]

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Conquer Your Sales Phobias

Last week I delivered short talks entitled Conquer Your Sales Phobias to two networking groups that I am involved with, namely Enterprising Mums and WiRE. I was motivated to present on the subject as a number of small business owners that I’ve worked with raised sales as a key issue for them; the fear of […]

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