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Christmas and New Year wishes from 2J Consulting

Christmas is now less than a week away and the phone calls / emails have already died down, as everyone kicks back in anticipation of the holiday season. I will be taking a break from work (as much as anyone who runs their own business can!). Although I’ll be picking up emails and responding to any urgent issues, it is most important to me and I believe, to my business that I make the most of the time ‘off’. What does that mean? Yes, I’ll be spending time with family and making the most of the opportunities for fun that this time of year offers but I’ll also be using the time to reflect and relax.

Not having to sit down at my desk every day, responding to client needs and looking for new clients to add to my expanding client base (all of which I love doing) allows ME to take a step back from the business, in the way that I constantly encourage my coaching clients to do. This leaves me with a sense of excitement – what new ideas will come to mind, what knowledge will I gain from the reading and research I may have a bit more time to do and what exciting opportunities will 2014 hold for 2J Consulting?

I hope that all my readers get chance to reflect during the Christmas break and start to make their plans for the New Year. I’ll be back in early January to share some of the ideas I’ve come up with. In the meantime, I wish all my blog readers, clients, suppliers and colleagues in the coaching / training world a very Happy Christmas.


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I have enjoyed working with a business partner that not only has a wealth of knowledge on how to assess and develop individuals and teams, but also a strong focus on understanding my strategic objectives and aligning their initiatives with these.
Stuart Millward
Director, Professional Services
SAS Public Security, EMEA & AP