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Conquer Your Sales Phobias

Last week I delivered short talks entitled Conquer Your Sales Phobias to two networking groups that I am involved with, namely Enterprising Mums and WiRE. I was motivated to present on the subject as a number of small business owners that I’ve worked with raised sales as a key issue for them; the fear of the idea of selling, the worry that they aren’t getting it right and the concern that they may be perceived as pushy or arrogant.

So why Sales Phobia? In trying to help my clients understand their issues around sales it struck me that many people have been conditioned over the years that being seen to be selling is almost something to be ashamed of and yet when you’re in business you have sell. For some people the passion they have for what they are doing helps them to overcome this perception and their phobia but for others it can prevent them moving their business forward in the same way that a spider in the kitchen can keep me away from the chocolate tin.

A technique I have developed to overcome Sales Phobias is to help my audience focus on the positives of the sales process by remembering their BEST experience of either selling to someone or being sold to. When we did this at last week’s talks I think we were all surprised that we found many more positive feelings to describe that experience than we found negative words when we considered our learnt perception of selling. Afterwards we considered ways to inject those positive feelings into the way we deal with potential and existing clients, which I believe made everyone feel more positive about the selling that they have to do.

So why not take some time to consider the best sales experience you’ve ever had, how it made you feel and what techniques you could adopt to make your customers feel the same way?

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I now feel that I have a much clear career direction and my confidence has grown.
Elizabeth Leyden
Commercial Development Co-ordinator
North Hertfordshire College