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Feeling inspired

In the last two weeks I have been fortunate enough to be able to take time out from the day to day activities of running my business and attend two really inspiring events.

The first was on Wednesday evening and organised by the University of Hertfordshire Coaching and Mentoring Forum. They had the eminent coaching and HR guru David Clutterbuck speaking, which was a treat in itself. The subject at hand was work / life balance and how to manage the topic in a coaching scenario; as you can imagine this is a topic I come across frequently so I was like a sponge, taking in the information that David shared.

Shortly afterwards, I had the pleasure of attending the Herts Chamber of Commerce Women in Leadership lunch, made all the nicer by the wonderful setting, which was the chapel of Hanbury Manor Hotel; the sun shone through the windows whilst we ate. The after dinner speakers were Nora Senior, currently the second ever female President of the British Chambers of Commerce and winner of a number of business woman of the year awards, and Sue Nelson of Boffin Media and formerly the BBC Science Correspondent.

Both events had a different focus but I took some similar things away from them:

- The recognition that I should try and attend more of these actvities, as I always take something positive away from them

- The sense of being inspired by the achievements of others; when you hear other people’s journeys and some of the challenges they have overcome, you feel like you could do anything

- The desire to follow my business goals, whilst trying to keep them in alignment with my other priorities

David Clutterbuck outlined that there are six life streams:

- Job: do you get enjoyment out of yours? If not, why are you still there?

- Career: what does your career mean to you? How can you be true to yourself and it at the same time?

- Domestic / family: this often comes in second place but do you really want it to?

- Health & fitness: what do you to keep yours in balance?

- Self fulfilment: what do you have that satisfies you outside work?

- Spiritual: what do you do that is beyond yourself? ie in the community

My aim is to try to keep these 6 in some sort of balance in my life. Although they were work related, attending the events this week has helped me to feel self fulfilled. I have a school governors meeting to go to shortly, so there’s my community bit. And the speakers today made me value my job and career and raise my expectations for both. I guess 4 out of 6 is part of theĀ  way there! How close are you?

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