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Getting heard

One subject I often find myself discussing with small business clients is marketing. This is not so much traditional marketing, nor is it the increasingly popular subject of using social media to get noticed, but for small businesses it’s about the simple question of ‘how can I get myself heard’? This year I have worked with a fast growing business who make most of their sales through a third party licence, as they think about how they can market themselves more effectively. Their solution was simple, to ensure that they had a clearly laid out website that tells people what they do. They didn’t need to sell through this site (their license partner does that for them) nor do they need to be all over social media given their very specialist marketplace but they needed to support their credibility when people they met at conferences and events wanted to know more about them.

I also asked this question about my own business, ‘how do I get myself heard in a noisy and increasingly crowded market?’. Linking to my previous post about CPD, I also asked myself what I knew that other people would be interested in. Combining the two, I decided to approach an organisation with whom I have done a variety of work, to see if I could demonstrate the positive impact of their internal coaching initiative and use this to promote what I do. They were very happy to do this so I embarked upon some research to showcase what they had done – the outcome of which was a fascinating insight into the thoughts of those who initiated coaching in their organisation and some great examples of what this has helped people to achieve. More on this in another post…..

What this has meant for me, from a ‘getting heard’ point of view, is that I have at hand a thoroughly interesting piece of research. I am delighted to say that as a result I will have an article in the next edition of Coaching at Work (Jan 2016) and that I am speaking at a conference in February to share more about the work with fellow coaches. I am hoping that more interest will follow as a result of this but for now, if you’re running a small business, why don’t you ask yourself, ‘What can I do to get heard?’ Good luck!



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I now feel that I have a much clear career direction and my confidence has grown.
Elizabeth Leyden
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