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Hello world

2J Consulting’s business is growing and as I work with more and more companies to help unlock their business potential it seems a good time to start a blog.

There’s two reasons behind it; firstly as I get busier with work I seem to have less time to share what’s happening with friends, family and my wider business network who have been so supportive during the launch phase of 2J, so now’s your chance to find out what I’m up to without having to pay for a coffee.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly it’s a chance to share with my business network and colleagues some of the interesting issues and topics that I encounter in my working life. I deal with all kinds of people & organisations, large and small, hi tech and low tech but there are many recurring themes with them all which teach me more about business each day. By sharing some of what I learn and observe without of course giving away any trade secrets, I hope that in a small way I can help you, my blog readers to develop the potential in your business.

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I have enjoyed working with a business partner that not only has a wealth of knowledge on how to assess and develop individuals and teams, but also a strong focus on understanding my strategic objectives and aligning their initiatives with these.
Stuart Millward
Director, Professional Services
SAS Public Security, EMEA & AP