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I thought I was busy…then it got busier; here’s some coping strategies I’ve learnt

Last week I didn’t get chance to update the blog as it’s been a bit hectic. With two client training days and an adult teacher training qualification to complete in the next two weeks as well as all my coaching clients to support, it may be a bit quiet on the 2J blog for a while.

As I have a spare 5 minutes, maybe now’s a good chance for me to consider the lessons learnt in the last few months? These can hopefully be of use to anyone enjoying the challenges that watching your business grow can bring:

1) Plan, plan and plan again. Managing my diary has become a bit of a military operation; I always thought that was the case with a busy workload, two children and a house to run it’s been a challenge for many years but at the moment I have to accept that there’s no slack in there. If the diary or to do list says I need to do something it generally means it has to be done.

2) Ask for help. There’s lots of help out there as you grow; some of it free, some of it which needs to be paid for. If you’re growing hopefully you can afford to pay for some help with your marketing for example but if that seems like a bit of a risk just now see what skill swap opportunities may exist within your network. Does someone whose skills you need, need yours too? You can but ask. As I have the children to fit in with work (oops, no it’s the other way round!) I can’t thank my friends and family enough for the help and child care support they’ve given me in the last few months.

3) Prioritise. Some things that I did in the early days of my business seemed really important but this year I’ve found myself asking if some things are still as important. Often, they aren’t; sometimes it’s something I love doing but if I’m honest with myself it can often be left for another day.

4) Give yourself some time off. At the moment I’m not getting much of that – not that I’m complaining as I am loving it – but sometimes booking myself in for a relaxing treatment, kicking back in the evening with a glass of wine or taking the children to the park leaves me feeling revitalised and ready to start again at 110%.

I hope to be back here very soon……I’ll let you know how the teacher training qualification goes!

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tina over the last 18 months, during which time she provided me with one to one coaching and leadership training. Above all, I was impressed with Tina’s ability to accurately summarise, discuss, empathise and provide honest feedback. On a number of occasions Tina has helped me with increasing my self-awareness, confidence and provided me with valuable insights to help me move forward with renewed energy and passion. Tina would be a true asset for any individual or organisation looking for proven results around improved performance, teamwork and engagement and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.
Jesse Wilson
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